Carpet Tiles

Infinity Carpet tiles are fun, durable and versatile. They are great for playrooms, family rooms, basements and can even be used for stylish area rugs. … While wall to wall carpet may be less popular than hardwood these days, the carpet tile segment is rapidly growing in popularity and is a favorite among hardwood lovers.

  1. Commercial Spaces: Carpet tiles are extensively used in commercial settings such as offices, corporate buildings, retail stores, and hospitality venues. They provide a durable and attractive flooring option that can withstand heavy foot traffic while adding warmth and comfort to the space.

  2. Educational Facilities: Schools, colleges, and universities often utilize carpet tiles in classrooms, libraries, hallways, and common areas. Carpet tiles help create a conducive learning environment by reducing noise levels, enhancing acoustics, and providing a comfortable surface for students and faculty.

  3. Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices benefit from the use of carpet tiles in patient rooms, waiting areas, corridors, and administrative spaces. Carpet tiles contribute to a healing environment by absorbing sound, minimizing slips and falls, and promoting a sense of comfort and well-being for patients and staff.

  4. Residential Spaces: Carpet tiles are increasingly popular in residential settings, especially in homes with high-traffic areas, children, or pets. They offer the convenience of easy installation and replacement, allowing homeowners to customize their flooring design and adapt to changing lifestyle needs.

  5. Retail Environments: Retailers use carpet tiles to create inviting and visually appealing store interiors that reflect their brand identity. Carpet tiles are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing retailers to showcase merchandise effectively while enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.