Laminated Wooden Flooring

Whether you’re looking to create a traditional design or a more contemporary aesthetic, genuine hardwood flooring is a solution that can look right at home amongst any existing decor, and you can rest assured that your flooring will never go out of style. Creating a look that is at once warm, homely and sophisticated, wooden flooring is the ideal solution for every room in your house.

Ed-5130 - 70/sft*

ed-8068- 70/ sft*

Ed-640- 70/ Sft*


Ed-7134 - 70/sft*

ed-0181- 70/ sft*

Ed-730- 70/ Sft*

oak Wheat #61 - 75/sft*

walnut #97 - 75/ sft*

natural walnut #40
75/ Sft*